Client: Inmobiliaria Betancor S.A.
Location: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Building area: 140.000,00 sqm

Description: business Park Bellavista is the result of several studies done to unite two residential areas with an approach that includes housing and a business park occupying about 140.000 m² containing all the necessary services to the employers, ranging from libraries , child care, dry cleaning, shopping, stores, sports area, etc.. Office buildings are designed as flexible as possible with a central core that includes in its top floors, vertical communications, rest areas, centralized waste pipes and meeting rooms. This core contain all the necessary facilities to the office each unit of measure will fully variable connecting at various points. Each owner receives an empty space with the dimension required and fits within his needs. In the ground floor this core contains also reception area, security office and a small auditorium for exclusive use of the enterprises that will occupy the building.