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ALTERACIONES has always been driven by the belief that architecture is the trade of designing spaces, spaces to be ultimately used by man and through which their needs can be satisfied, be it in the home, workplace or public environment.

We understand that the satisfaction of these needs generates an unavoidable dialog with its environment, which can be both positive and negative. We believe that good architecture is a result of a synthesis of all the elements that separately give character to a building; the structure that holds it; the services that allow it to function; its ecology; the quality of its natural light; the relation of the building to the urban landscape; the relation of the building with those who inhabit it and give it sense, and without a shadow of doubt its skill to thrill.


Since our beginnings, more than a decade ago, we have learnt two very important lessons from our clients: how to listen and how to contribute.

We listen to our clients’ needs, preoccupations, environment and culture in order to be able to provide them with an idea; a central idea that once approved by the client, defines and guides the work of all the departments in a single and unified direction. In short, we contribute with creativity and coherence.

The working process begins with our team of designers and architects whose creative and professional input gives rise to a series of initial proposals, proposals that will be shared and discussed with the client until we collectively find what we are looking for.

Once decided on the proposal, the same group of designers will involve the key skills of the other necessary departments: Graphic Design, Product Design and Prototyping, CGI, Photography and Audio-visual, etc.

Our work system, developed and refined after years of experience, has two main advantages:
– Coherence in the result. Using this system we guarantee that all the work completed is carried out in a single direction, ensuring that all the instruments play the same melody. By doing so, our client’s message is transmitted as clearly as possible.
– Saving of time and resources. We have learnt over the years that in order to separate interior design from architecture, photography from interior design or video from photography actually generates an enormous loss of time and resources, especially for our clients.
As a result of this learned experience, Alteraciones is made of professionals from several disciplines, all of them specialized in architecture, urbanism and image.